‘Life is Good’ by Alec Coutinho

‘Life Is Good’

by Alec Coutinho

Alec Coutinho is a professional photographer residing in Atlanta, Georgia with a concentration in the commercial automotive context. With a focus in the digital photography, Alec’s pieces highlight classic and modified automobiles juxtaposed against the scenes of urban landscapes, whilst maintaining qualities of commercial-standard.His street-style is recognized for its authenticity and consideration of both light and reflection. His present exhibit on Driven Aesthetic, entitled ‘Life Is Good’ represents the Ebbs and flows of his photography career, as well as the interactions and relationships that have blossomed through it.

From Alec-

‘In all of those photos I have been accompanied by people I am extremely grateful to have in my life. When I look back at each of those memories, I always remember the happy feeling I had when I pressed the shutter button and the countless conversations with strangers made to friends when they ask me what I am working on when they see my laptop screen while I’m in photoshop going through every detail my eye can see in a airport or cafe. 

The stranger part is fun, because most of the time peoples reaction when I tell them what I do is really surprising. Which I love, it’s a ton of fun talking to people about it. It’s usually a first time for people to hear it, which is even cooler. 

Each photo in this small sample has a story I can talk about for a few hours, and the fact I was able to enjoy those moments with people I hold close remind me that life is good. “Ebbs and flows” as they say, but you always need something to ground you and that’s what these do for me.

‘life is good’
Alec Coutinho

‘palma, drivers paradise’

johans limic’s porsche g-body 911 targa
photographed in palma, spain

‘degree windchill in back bay’

Danny Choi’s Widebody 350z
photographed in rhode island

‘if october owned two 992 gt3s’

porsche 992 gt3
photographed in atlanta, ga

‘concrete jungle’

eric’s Porsche 930 911
photographed in atlanta, ga

‘my dream 992’

porsche carrera 4s targa
photographed in brooklyn, ny

‘when colors flow’

jordan canela’s subaru sti varis
photographed in queens, ny


lamborghini countach
photographed in new york city

‘bonkers, again’

lamborghini countach
photographed in new york city

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