Artists of the Automotive World: Alec Coutinho

If you haven’t already heard of Alec Coutinho, you’ve likely already come across his work somewhere by now. From his stunning work with Porsche, to his countless publications on Super Street, Alec is one of the most active and consistent visual artists in the modern car scene, and I’m happy to announce him as the first artist to showcase in our virtual exhibition space. Residing in Atlanta, Georgia with a concentration in the commercial automotive context. With a focus in the digital photography, Alec’s pieces highlight classic and modified automobiles juxtaposed against the scenes of urban landscapes, whilst maintaining qualities of commercial-standard.

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Dodge Viper Wheels On A Toyota Celica: An Unusual Pairing

With a few years of immersion in the euro scene of car modification, the art of ‘wheel-whoring’ is now common-place in my approach during a project. As a fan of many exotic and obscure automobiles as a teen, the opportunity to own ‘pieces’ of them is like a small step towards the victory of owning the cars themselves.

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