R2X Rides & Rigs at The 2023 New York Auto Show

In New York City, automobile-culture is everywhere. Despite not being able to drive further than a quarter-mile before reaching another traffic-light, cars of all forms, styles, and capabilities can be found in the well-concentrated area. The NY Auto Show has given us a glimpse into the arenas of modified car scenes before, but 2023 is the first year the convention has delivered it in this capacity.

As a collaborative effort between the powers of Prime NYC, Crown SpeedLab, and Racers & Tuners, R2X Rides and Rigs offers an opportunity for car enthusiasts to showcase their vehicles on the ultimate platform for automobile exhibition, while competing for honors in a number of categories.

R2XPO Datsun

Prime NYC, a name now synonymous with quality automotive events in the tri-state, played a large role in the curation process for R2XPO. Walking the showroom floor, you’ll find over 30 quality-built vehicles hand-selected by the team that truly represent the diversity of car-culture in NYC. Everything from Integras to a ‘64 Impala Lowrider are here on display. If you’ve ever attended any of Prime’s staple events such as Street Icons or 7s Day (a day commemorating the Mazda RX7), or Crown Speedlabs yearly Block Party, you’ll recognize a few of the cars in attendance, including a Veilside-kitted FD RX-7, and a strong selection of MK4 Supras. The showing doesn’t stop with sports cars though, also including a large section of SUVs and overland rigs. 

R2XPO Redline Restoration/JDM Concours

Just a few steps from the R2X display, Redline Restoration / JDM Concours could be found representing themselves with some of the rarest cars you’ll ever grace eyes upon, including a ‘70 Chrysler Hemi Cuda, an LS-swapped Porsche 993, and a Maserati 300s. A ‘97 Subaru 22b Prototype and ‘Signal Auto’ built R34 GTR (a 1-of-1 car with an illustrious racing history) are also staged and prepared to turn heads. 

All-in-all, the R2XPO is a showcase by enthusiasts, and for enthusiasts, and it is something we love seeing on a platform as large as the NY Auto Show. I hope this is only the beginning, and that we’ll see it at an even greater capacity in the future as the culture of automobiles on the east coast continues to grow. Scroll below for more exclusive photos from the event.

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Photography : Walter Bryant / Kevin Kemraj / Nainglin Myint

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