10 Most Popular Aftermarket Wheels For Car Enthusiasts

The aftermarket wheel business has certainly experienced a ‘boom’ in the last 10-15 years, with much attribution to the onset of the stateside ‘stance-movement’ in the early 2010s. Today, there are a number of staples within the culture of car modification when it comes to wheel selection.

While the popularity of many wheels may be driven by exclusivity, it is safe to say that their versatility is what keeps a lot them on our cars as well. Scroll below for the list.

10. Enkei RPF-1

Enkei RPF-1

Things are starting off with the most-affordable and accessible wheel on the list. The Enkei RPF-1 compliments silhouettes of all kinds. The split-spoke design is simple, yet effective, and doesn’t feel like its trying to be anything else other than itself. Available in a variety of bolt patterns, offsets, and diameters, the RPF-1 has earned the likeness of enthusiasts across the automobile spectrum.

9. CCW Classic

Why do folks love the CCW Classic? Well for one, there is something about a mesh design that is inscrutably attractive. Secondly, the forged and face-mounted construction may lend to its intention of being a durable workhorse for the track; which is why you’ll often find these on cars making serious power. Albeit, they’re available with just about any bolt pattern and are as modular as a wheel can come, so no one is left out.

8. Work VS-K

Work VSK

While not as versatile as others, the Work VS-KF has still earned a spot in the hearts of many enthusiasts. With aesthetics alluding to old-school American muscle cars, paired with the modular “deep-dish” appointments of Japanese VIP-style, the VS-KF blends unexpected design cues and makes them work seamlessly.

7. OZ Ultraleggera

OZ Ultraleggera

No, you likely won’t find these on any Japanese sport coupes, but the OZ Ultraleggera is a perfect match for post 05’ VAG (Volkswagen-Audi Group) models. If you’ve ever been to events like Worthersee, UltimateDUBS, or FittedUK, you’ll see just how popular these are. Available in narrow widths and large diameters, these are the perfect wheel option for static-goers looking to fill the wheel arches while preserving the ability to steer. (I think that is somewhat important)

6. BBS CH / CH-R


BBS solidified themselves as kings of the mesh-design early-on, but in case they felt their position on the throne wasn’t secure, they offered us the CH; a forged 1-piece wheel directed at the European market for street-use. The large-mesh design and subtly adorned “Motorsport” lettering work well to reinforce the CH’s purpose. Since their debut, they’ve remained a wheel of choice for European car-owners, and are what I believe to be the perfect wheel for both the E46 BMW M3 and B5 Audi S4.

5. OZ Futuras

Here’s a wheel that you may not see as often as some others on this list, but holds its own in just about every category. The OZ Futura is a minimalist 5-spoke design that pairs well with just about anything, but shines it’s brightest when on vehicles with conservative lines and understated design languages. This is a personal favorite, but unfortunately one that I haven’t had the privilege of owning (yet).

4. Watanabe (8-spoke)

A legend in Japanese motorsport and street-style, the Watanabe name is synonymous with 80s and 90s Japanese car design. Over 50 years after its introduction, the Watanabe’s patented 8-spoke design is still in production and seamlessly applied to cars of the modern day. It just might be the longest-run production wheel of all-time.

3. Rays Volk TE37

Rays TE-37

This legendary 5-spoke design needs no introduction. The Rays Volk TE-37 and its many variants are a wheel with a spirit founded in motorsport, and a style that has no applicable bounds. Most commonly seen on Japanese platforms, the rising popularity of this wheel among car enthusiasts has brought it to a wide variety of European and American platforms (BMWs and even Jeeps).

2. Work Meister S1 3P

The Work Meister S1 3P is a great example of a simple design that is still undoubtedly unique to itself. Utilizing a 5-spoke design with a convex face, the Meister S1 3P is another modular wheel that has gained the likeness of many for its timeless and intentional design, and lightweight characteristic. As a premier Japanese manufacturer, you’ll find these confidently mounted aggressively on many RWD platforms including Nissan/Infiniti VQs, S-chassis, Supras, and Hondas alike, thanks to their ability to be modified to uber-aggressive specs.


The BBS RS is the perfect blend of high-performance and style. Arguably the most versatile wheel on this list, the RS can be mounted on anything from an EK civic to a Mercedes S-Class and look appropriate. The iconic mesh design has been duplicated by many manufacturers over the years, yet continues to stand strong as an ever-desirable symbol of class. With the introduction of wider and larger diameter lips (as large as 19” and as small as 15”), today, a set of these can be applied to virtually anything.

Honorable Mention: Rotiform NUE

Rotiform NUE

Yes, I know, the Rotiform NUE design is loosely based on the OEM RUF wheels, but that does not take away from the fact that these wheels were at the center of a car-cultural shift in 2012, and work with any automobile you throw them at. 

Photography : Walter Bryant / Kevin Kemraj / Nainglin Myint

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