‘Art Is The Process’: A Unique Exhibition of Porsche 911 Assembly

Jake Auerbach, Tom Hale, and Benjamin Tarlow are the founders of Morton Street Partners, a curatorial project with an ear to the worlds of contemporary art and collectible cars. Since the opening of their gallery in the West Village, New York in March 2022, they’ve hosted a number of compelling exhibitions highlighting the parallels within the art and automotive spaces. Their most recent exhibition of Porsche 911 assembly presents a portion of the car-production process as an artform, featuring the work of Greg Anagnostopoulos and Daniel Arsham.

From Greg Anagnostopoulos-

“Art is the Process” invites viewers to not only observe but to engage with the process, thereby fostering a deeper understanding of the connections between art, design, and technology. We hope this exhibition encourages a reevaluation of the boundaries of artistic practice and sparks new conversations on the importance of process in the creation of beauty.

Watch a video excerpt from Greg’s Instagram demonstrating a portion of the dismantlement of the front fascia…

You can observe and interact with this unique exhibit at the Morton St. Partners gallery located at 16 Morton Street (between Bleecker Street and 7 Avenue South) in New York. On display from May 3rd – July 27 2023 and available for viewing Wed – Sun (12-6PM)

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